South Residential Complex

Project Details:

South Residential Complex is a living and learning community of approximately 232,000 sf. The complex features four dormitory floors with a 700 bed capacity of single and double room suites. South will also house an 11,000 sf learning center with lifestyle amenities for residents, a community kitchen and study rooms. The center is surrounded by a graded courtyard with seating areas. A faculty apartment with exterior terrace will occupy the second level.


Milestone was engaged as Program Manager on behalf of Texas State University System. MPM is overseeing the project and ensuring that the project scope, budget and timeline meet the original metrics approved by the Board of Regents.

Started: August 2015
Substantial Completion: April 2017
Completion: June 2017

Total Project Cost: $65M
Construction Cost Limitations: $58M

Project Address:

Sam Houston State University - Huntsville, TX

Milestone Personnel:

Scott LaTulipe, Project Executive
Kamal Ariss, Project Manager

Project Team:


General Contractor: